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Did you know that approximately 85% of all homes in the United States use on hard water? While generally safe, this water can make cleaning difficult and affect your hair and skin. A water softener filters through your tap water and removes excess minerals and metals before it reaches your shower head or faucet.

At EZ Flow Plumbing, LLC, our main goal is customer satisfaction. We offer three-year warranties on almost all of our work and do our best to make your plumbing experience pleasant right from the start. We will show up on time and be mindful of your home as we go about our job. Our company was started by a husband and wife team with a passion for helping their community. We have expanded to include several qualified plumbers and stay up to date with the latest technologies of our industry.

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Live Life Cleaner

As your water travels through the ground, it picks up minerals and metals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron and carries them into your pipes. These components interact with soap to create a stubborn scum. It adheres to metal, clay, glass, and makes them look dull and dirty. In some cases, hard water can irritate sensitive skin.

With a water softener, you can have cleaner:

  • Dishes
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Clothes
  • Hair
  • Pipes
  • Skin

More Reasons to Get a Water Softener

Some additional benefits of a water softener are:

  • More efficient appliances: If residue from hard water and soap scum builds up in your dishwasher, hot water heater, or washing machine, it could break down or may work slower than normal.
  • Better water flow: Your pipes stay cleaner with a water softener. This improves water flow to your faucets or showerheads. Hard water can cause so much congestion in these fixtures that they need to be replaced every two years.
  • Warm water quicker: Soft water heats up quicker than hard water, meaning you won’t have to wait quite so long to step into your shower. The Virginia Cooperative Extension claims that a water softener can improve the efficiency of an electric water heater by 22% and a gas powered water heater by 29%.

How a Water Softener Works

This appliance uses sodium to create an ion exchange in your water. It pulls the magnesium and calcium out of the liquid, replacing it with salt. Once your water has undergone treatment, it travels through your pipes for daily use.

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