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When Your Troubles Need to Go, Call EZ Flow

Is your toilet overflowing? Is it refusing to flush? Does it constantly sound like it is running? EZ Flow Plumbing, LLC is here to fix your toilet troubles. Our Crimshield certified team is concentrated on your satisfaction. We have been providing homeowners and business owners in our community with exceptional plumbing services since 2007. Our motto is “painless plumbing.” Our Gilbert plumbing team wants to get your toilet fixed quickly with quality work and lasting results.

Toilet Troubleshooting

Here are some questions you can ask to determine what is wrong with your toilet:

  • Is your toilet clogged?: Chances are that you have a blockage. This may be a wad of toilet paper near the drain, or a buildup of residue further down your pipes. We may be able to snake your drain to remove the clog. In some cases, we will suggest hydro jetting to remove large masses.
  • Does your toilet have a weak flush?: Some older toilets are simply weaker. The only way to fix this is with a new model. If you experience this problem with a newer toilet, components may just need a detailed cleaning.
  • Does your toilet flush on its own?: A phantom flush can be jarring and waste a lot of water. Toilets will do this when the flapper valve breaks.
  • Is your toilet constantly running?: This may be a flapper valve issue, as well. Most likely, the valve needs repair or replacement.
  • Do you notice water pooling around your toilet?: The toilet may be poorly sealed, or there could be a crack in the porcelain. We can carefully inspect the entire fixture to locate the leak.

When to Call a Gilbert Plumber

Whenever you can’t determine the cause of your toilet trouble, we suggest you call EZ Flow Plumbing, LLC.

It is important to call a professional if:

  • You have a severe leak that may cause water damage
  • Raw sewage is backing up into your home
  • You can’t troubleshoot your issue alone
  • You need to install a new toilet
  • You are unsure how to proceed with your toilet issue
  • You need your toilet fixed fast

We offer free estimates for our services and will take the time to talk you through various solutions. Once we give you a price, we will stick to it. We also offer financing for our work, so you can pay at a rate that is comfortable and convenient.

Contact our Gilbert toilet repair team today for a painless plumbing experience.

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  • “I had an odd question on a basement sump pump. I called many plumbers and nobody was willing to even to listen. I called EZ Flow and he owner, Scott called me back and set an appointment to come bid the job himself.”

    Chris G.

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