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Your drains and sewer line are critical components of your plumbing system, responsible for safely sending wastewater away from your home. When these components start acting up, you need fast and effective service. That’s where EZ Flow Plumbing, LLC comes in. As the most trusted name in plumbing, we offer the most dependable drain and sewer services in town. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology, we can handle any repair, replacement, installation, or maintenance service you may need.

Our drain and sewer services in Gilbert include:

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Common Sources of Drain & Sewer Clogs

Drain and sewer line clogs are a very common plumbing problem that we encounter. While some clogs are unavoidable, many are caused by putting the wrong items down our drains. The best way to prevent a serious clog within your system is to become aware of all of the most common clog sources.

Clogs are commonly caused by:

  • Tree root intrusion: If there is a small crack in your pipe, tree roots will grow towards that crack until they make their way into the pipe. Once inside, they will continue feeding on wastewater and growing until they form a major blockage in your sewer line.
  • Shifts in soil: Shifts in soil caused by construction, an earthquake, or a home settling into its foundation can all cause pipes to sag or crack. Objects often gather at the low point of a sagging pipe until there is a serious blockage. Cracked pipes allow dirt, leaves, twigs, and other debris to enter pipes until they are clogged.
  • Pipe corrosion: Whether due to old age or chemical cleaning products, pipes will eventually begin to corrode. As they break down, mineral deposits form and build up, eventually creating blockages.
  • Cooking grease: Cooking grease and oils are some of the worst things you can put down your drains. Once they enter your drains and sewer line, they harden as they meet the cool interior of your pipes, creating a film inside your pipes. This continues to build up until your sewer line is seriously blocked up.
  • Foreign objects: Flushing items such as feminine hygiene products, Q-tips, cotton balls, diapers, floss, makeup wipes, baby wipes, flushable wipes, and cat litter can create serious clogs.

If your drains are clogged, EZ Flow Plumbing, LLC is here to help. Our Gilbert drain and sewer experts have encountered and repaired countless clogs, and we guarantee we can take care of yours as well.

Signs You Need to Schedule a Drain & Sewer Inspection

Drain and sewer problems can cause major damage to your home, including burst, cracked, and clogged pipes. In order to minimize the amount of damage you have to deal with, make sure you bring in a Gilbert drain and sewer specialist from EZ Flow Plumbing, LLC as soon as you suspect something is wrong with your system.

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Call Today for a FREE Plumbing Estimate

Call Today for a FREE Plumbing Estimate

When you contact our Chandler plumbers for an estimate, we’ll keep you informed will a text message detailing who your plumber will be and when he or she will arrive at your home. You won’t have to guess when to expect service or who you’ll be inviting into your home – we’re committed to making sure you receive personal and professional service. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services, drain clearing special, and other deals!

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Reviews from Happy Customers
  • “They were kind, informative and respectful. Also, educated me on my options and direction. Can't be more pleased.”

    - Ricardo M
  • “We had a great experience with Brandon and with EZ Flow and would highly recommend them.”

    - Kelly K
  • “Brandon did a great replacement of a valve behind the wall, quick service and very well done.”

    - Jame L
  • “Amazing timely service! Justin the tech was awesome! He was helpful and kind!”

    - Diann W
  • “I highly recommend this company and definitely would call them again for future plumbing problems.”

    - ks
  • “8829”

    - Pam Grisko

We Make It EZ!

Finding a plumbing company you can truly rely on shouldn’t have to be so hard. Luckily, EZ Flow Plumbing, LLC is here to end your search. Our team understands there are few things as stressful as a plumbing problem, which is why we are committed to delivering the highest quality service possible. When your drains or sewer line are acting up, you can count on us for the prompt, reliable service you need and deserve.

With EZ Flow Plumbing, LLC on your side, you can expect:

  • Honest and upfront pricing
  • Budget-friendly options
  • Free estimates
  • Same-day services
  • Excellent warranties

Why work with any plumbing team when you can work with the best? Trust us with your drain and sewer services in Gilbert, and rest easy knowing your home is in the hands of the most hardworking and skilled technicians around.

Call (480) 351-1820 or contact us online to request a service estimate.

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