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Your sewer line is the critical piece on which the rest of your drain network relies. Every drain found in every bathroom, kitchen, or utility area of your home needs to lead somewhere, and that somewhere is to your sewer line that then carries all collected water and waste out to the public sewer or to a septic treatment system. Because of the heavy amount of use your sewer receives and the corrosive nature of a lot of the waste that flows through it, it’s easy to see how a sewer could experience problems after some time. However, fixing a sewer issue can be a complex and labor-intensive procedure that requires a team of experienced plumbing pros to do properly.

If your sewer line is giving you trouble, you may need to replace it. If you need to replace your sewer, the team at EZ Flow Plumbing, LLC can help. Our Gilbert sewer replacement team has handled jobs of all different shapes and sizes for homes and businesses just like yours. Whether your sewer line has corroded to the point where it can no longer be used or it has suffered damage due to unexpected external forces, we get to the bottom of your issue and provide you with a replacement service that gets the job done right. We focus on modern techniques, including those that may prevent us from having to dig up your property to get the job done. And we always stand by all of the work we do with a satisfaction guarantee because we’re so confident in our craftsmanship and skill with these large-scale jobs.

Put your property in the hands of Gilbert’s leading name in sewer replacement services! Call EZ Flow Plumbing, LLC at (480) 351-1820 to schedule an appointment today.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

In the past, replacing your sewer meant digging a big trench in your property to extract the old sewer line and replace it with a new one. Thanks to trenchless replacement technology, that may not be necessary. These types of replacements use unconventional but effective methods to repair or replace your sewer line with a new and more durable option. This type of service can often be faster, more affordable, and just as effective as old excavation services were, and they don’t even require a costly yard remodel when the job is finished!

We offer two types of trenchless sewer replacement:

  • Pipe bursting: Pipe bursting involves using a specialized tool to destroy your existing sewer line while it sits in place underground. Simultaneously, this process pulls a new sewer line directly into place, avoiding the need for any major digging or excavation.
  • Pipe relining: Pipe relining works best for sewer lines that may be leaky or worn, but are still in decent enough condition to provide structure. This process involves feeding a resin-doused liner through the sewer line, blowing it up like a balloon, and letting it dry. This new liner then takes the place of your sewer line and protects you from leaks.

Trenchless sewer replacement and repair services can provide you with a high-quality sewer replacement without the stress! Worried about durability? Don’t be—trenchless sewer replacement methods can put a new sewer line in place that can withstand the abuse of daily use for 50 years or more!

Sewer Excavation

While trenchless sewer replacement is by far the preferred method of modern-day sewer repair, EZ Flow Plumbing, LLC understands that this isn’t always the best option. When your sewer line has sustained damage that cannot be replaced by typical trenchless methods, we offer sewer excavation services that work quickly to remove your old sewer and replace it with a new one you can count on. We hold our craftsmanship to high standards and work diligently to make sure you are completely satisfied through every step of the process.

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