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Most homes in Arizona are outfitted with a main soil stack, which descends vertically to a larger main waste line. This pipe moves outward from your house to the street, where it connects with the city’s main sewer line. When there is a problem with this waste pipe, the results can be messy.

There may be something wrong with your sewer system if:

  • Your drains are backed up
  • You notice sewage buildup in your shower, tub, or toilet
  • You smell sewage around your home
  • You notice a lot of rodents in your yard
  • You see a sinkhole starting to form in your yard
  • You notice cracks in your driveway
  • Your pavers are sinking lower into the ground
  • There is standing water on your landscaping
  • There are leaks in your basement

If you suspect sewer line damage, do not wait.
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Is it a Break or a Blockage?

We can normally fix a large blockage in your sewer line without excavation. If your drains don’t work well, chances are that this is the root cause. We can use a large sewer auger to reach into the pipe and break up the clog.

When a sewer line is broken, the symptoms are more serious. Your drains may function normally, but you will start to notice water damage outside of your home or in your basement. You also may smell sewage when outside. Our plumbers are trained to inspect your system before recommending a replacement. However, when your sewer line is broken, this may be your best option.

Common Causes of a Broken Sewer System

Tree and shrub roots are naturally drawn to the nutrients and moisture in sewer pipes. As they grow towards them, they can infiltrate the lines. Another reason for sewer system problems is construction. If you noticed a crew working near your home with a jackhammer or another invasive tool, this may have jarred and cracked your sewer pipe. Older sewer pipes may deteriorate with age. In some cases, your sewer issues may be directly tied to the municipal line. This means that it is their responsibility to fix the pipe.

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