How To Know If There’s a Problem With Your Home’s Sewer or Drains

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Since our sewer systems are largely underground or behind walls, it isn’t often that we consider how they operate. Gaining a basic understanding of your home’s drainage and sewer system is extremely important. This knowledge can help prevent severe problems from occurring in your home.


Home drain and sewage systems have several key components that help them operate. The list below describes each part of the system briefly. Continue reading to develop an understanding of your drainage system.

Fixture Drains

These are the drains that we see every day in our sinks, tubs, or showers. The journey through the drainage system starts here for water and other waste. While you might think that problems in your drain pipes originate in these areas, this rarely happens. Clogs are almost always further into the drainage system.

Drain Traps

Under your sinks, tubs, or other plumbing accessories, there is a curved section of piping referred to as a P-trap. This part of your drainage system earns its name for the shape, which is the letter P.

This section holds standing water, which helps prevent any smelly gasses from rising and entering your home.

Branch Drain Lines

This component of your drainage system connects all of your fixtures and traps to the soil stack. You don’t see these sections of piping, as they hide behind the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home. However, they do a lot of work in maintaining the drainage system.

Soil Stack & Vent

In these sections of the drainage system, waste and water flow through vertical pipes and travel towards city sewer systems or septic tanks.

Main Drain Line or Sewer Line

The main drain line is responsible for delivering wastes to municipal sewer mains. This is another element of the drainage system that homeowners rarely see.


Now that you understand the essential parts of your home sewer and drainage system, it is time to review the signs of drainage problems. This knowledge will allow you to know when issues occur in your home and contact help before a bigger problem emerges.

Sewage Odor

Sewage and drainage systems should be completely sealed, preventing odors from spreading into the home. If you can smell sewage, there is likely a crack or break in the piping.

Backups, Blockages, & Slow Drains

If you have regular backups or slow drainage in your home, it could be a sign that there is a more significant issue in the system. This could include root obstruction, cracks, or a piping error.

Mold Growth

If you randomly have mold growing in your home and are unaware of any other leaks, you could be having sewer problems. If strong odors accompany this, you very likely have a break in the pipes of your home.


Now, when we say GREEN, we mean it. Sewage is essentially fertilizer. This means that when there is a leak, your yard reaps the benefits of stinky waste.

Septic Waste in Yard

A dead giveaway of issues in your sewage system is septic waste pooling in your yard. Your septic tank could have broken, or there could also have been a clogged drain along the line.

Insects & Rodents

When there are cracks or breaks in your sewage system, pests like rodents and bugs can make their way into your home. These pests can bring diseases into your home, so seek help if necessary.

Landscaping & Foundation Issues

These are extreme symptoms of sewage pipe deterioration in your home. If you find serious cracks or sinkholes in your yard or the foundation of your home, immediately contact a professional.


There is a multitude of causes that contribute to sewage and drain problems. Below are a couple of the most common reasons for these issues in your home.


Sometimes things that shouldn’t end up in the drain do, such as wipes or cat litter. When the sewer lines are blocked, it will eventually cause the failure of your sewer system unless fixed by a professional.

Piping Issues

Another issue that occurs is within the pipes themselves. Piping can misalign, crack, or rest at an inappropriate angle. All of these problems contribute to the failure of sewage and drainage in your home.

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