6 Reasons to Repipe That Homeowners Forget to Consider

Calling a plumber for repiping is usually not at the top of a homeowner’s to-do list, especially when it’s so easy to take one’s plumbing system for granted. However, at some point, every home is going to need repiping, and it’s always best to complete this kind of project on your own timeline--as opposed to when there’s a major leak in your wall.

If you’ve been on the fence about repiping your home, here are 6 benefits to take into consideration.

1. Fewer Leaks

The older pipes get, the more susceptible they are to corrosion, and the more a pipe corrodes, the more likely it is to break or get a leak. Not only can leaks create water damage that’s expensive to repair, but you’ll also pay for all of the water that the leak wasted.

Leaks can occur anywhere there’s a plumbing pipe in your home. That includes behind your walls and ceiling and under your floor, where they can cause extensive water damage, mold problems, and structural integrity issues. Leaks can also occur in your home’s foundation, weakening your home’s overall structure.

In short, the newer your pipes are, the less likely you are to experience issues caused by leaks.

2. Increased Home Value

Repiping can be a smart decision even if you know that you don’t intend to stay in your current home for the long term. Repiping increases the value of your home, and at the same time, it also makes the condition of your home more appealing to potential buyers.

3. Better Water Quality

When pipes start to rust, pieces of rust break off and end up in your water supply. If your water has a dirty, orange tinge every now and then, it means that this has started to occur in your home’s pipes.

4. Improved Water Pressure

As pipes age, they develop corrosion and buildup inside of them that can create water pressure issues. If you’ve noticed that your water pressure is steadily getting worse, no matter how you adjust it, it’s a strong indication that your pipes probably need to be replaced.

5. Improved Appliance Performance

Because repiping helps to improve your home’s water pressure, that improved, more consistent water pressure will also boost the performance of your water-using appliances, namely your dishwasher and washing machine.

6. Improved Water Temperature Control

Along with water pressure issues, corrosion and buildup in pipes can also cause problems with water temperature. One such issue is when the shower temperature rises or falls drastically when someone flushes a toilet. Another issue is when extreme water temperature changes result from small adjustments you make with the faucet handle. Repiping can keep water temperatures from changing erratically.

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