5 Ways to Avoid Regrets With Your Bathroom Remodel

newly remodeled bathroom

The fear of making the wrong move can make a lot of people hesitant to remodel even a sorely outdated bathroom! Below, we’ll provide you with some tips we’ve collected from people who’ve “been there before” to help you avoid common mishaps and regrets during and after your bathroom remodeling project.

1. Work With a Professional

A “weekend warrior” can probably tackle swapping out a showerhead or other small improvements without incident. However, for a major overhaul of your entire bathroom, always involve a professional. This will help ensure that the improvements are implemented correctly, up to code, and in a way that looks professional.

That being said, you don’t want to work with just any contractor. You want to hire one that is reputable, licensed, bonded, insured, and that charges a fair quote for quality workmanship. “You get what you pay for” is a saying that can apply very well to remodeling contractors, so don’t be tempted to go with the lowest bid just because it sounds like it will save you money. Doing a little extra research on your contractor upfront can save you costly headaches caused by cut corners and sloppy quality.

2. Address Preexisting, Concealed Issues

While this stage of remodeling isn’t as fun as picking out new tile and faucets, it’s absolutely necessary to avoid problems in the future. Make sure a professional inspects your bathroom for any preexisting plumbing, electrical, or structural issues that your remodeling project can correct. You can take this opportunity to fix leaks, improve water supply lines, add GFCI outlets, and more to make your bathroom safer, more efficient, and less likely to require a repair or additional remodel down the road.

3. Use Quality Materials

With trends constantly changing, it can be difficult to commit to a style during your bathroom remodel, especially if you plan on moving soon and are not sure what potential buyers will like. While your bathroom’s aesthetic is something you’ll want to consider, keep in mind that quality materials and dependable brands are good selling points to homebuyers, and they can increase your return on your investment. Many homebuyers are familiar with premium brands like Moen and Kohler, and they will appreciate an upgrade to a stone, quartz, or solid surface counter from something extremely outdated like tile or vinyl.

4. Install Efficient Fixtures

If you’re going to the trouble of changing all of your bathroom plumbing fixtures, make sure to choose replacements that save money in the long run! Look for products with the WaterSense label.

Products can only bear the WaterSense label if they meet these specifications designated by the EPA:

  • They must perform as well or better than other “average” plumbing products of the same type.
  • They must be 20 percent more water efficient than their less water efficient counterparts.
  • They have to demonstrate water savings on a national level and show measurable water saving results.

5. Don’t get rid of all the bathtubs in your home.

A recent trend in bathroom remodels is to replace the bathtub with a shower stall or walk-in shower. Despite this design choice growing in popularity, it’s a turnoff to many potential homebuyers for the following reasons:

  • Due to age, injuries, or other health conditions, some people require a bathtub to bathe properly.
  • Bathtubs make it easier to bathe children (and pets, if you don’t have a dog-grooming station).
  • Soaking in bathtubs can provide pain relief for many people, especially when combined with epsom salts.

Due to changes in your life or the requirements of homebuyers, you could have major regrets if you ever decide to get rid of all the bathtubs in your home. If you don’t want one in your master bathroom, consider keeping one in the guest bathroom.

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