How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Feeling bummed out about the size of your bathroom? There’s no need to feel down! If your bathroom is on the smaller side, with just a few clever tricks you can make the room feel larger and more inviting. The best part is that you don’t even have to add any square footage.

Use these pro tips to maximize the space in your home’s smallest room.

1. Opt for Light Colors

One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom look bigger is to use a simple palette of light colors for the walls, shower curtain, window dressings, and vanity. A white-on-white look is an excellent choice because it will reflect light and brighten the entire space, and it will also match the white tub and shower that most people currently own. If you’re craving color, embellish the room with a houseplant or colorful towels.

2. Add Lighting

If half of your bathroom is hidden in dark corners, it’s going to look a lot smaller. Illuminating the space will “magically” make your room appear larger, and it will also make the room more functional for grooming because you’ll have better visibility. Consider recessed fixtures or sconces for additional lighting that won’t take up room on the floor or vanity.

3. Add a Large Mirror

Large mirrors are a fantastic way to make any room look bigger. In a bathroom, a mirror can also be a beautiful focal point, particularly if it’s positioned over the vanity. Mirrored walls are another option that can make your bathroom look twice as large, although the piece will probably need to be custom made.

4. Switch to a Floating Vanity

When it comes to small bathrooms, it can be tough to keep the space feeling airy and uncluttered while still meeting your need for storage space. A floating vanity provides a practical solution. Because the vanity doesn’t extend to the floor, it makes the room feel a little more open. At the same time, the vanity still has drawers or cubbies for storing bathroom necessities.

5. Eliminate Clutter

Try to limit accessories on your bathroom vanity so that you can keep as much counter space as possible. Take advantage of the space in your vanity drawers, under the sink, or in the medicine cabinet to preserve a decluttered, spalike aesthetic.

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